Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Delight Massage & Scrub 90 mins. – $185

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Delight Massage & Scrub

90 mins. – $185

EXPERIENCE:  This truffle treatment begins with hot compresses soaked in a burst of orange and clementine notes, and Sweet Almond oils. Next, a skin smoothing Rasmopolitan exfoliation made with sugar, vitamin-rich raspberry extract, and organic vodka. Prepare for your sweet cocooning! A dark chocolate, CoQ10 anti-aging mask is painted over you in thick, delicious delight, bringing a silky feel to skin and helping fight off the damage from free radicals. Finally, a massage with Sweet Cream Body Milk lotion – so you can walk lightly through the rest of your lovely day.

Ginger Sorbet Body Treatment & Massage – 90min - $185

Ginger Sorbet Body

Treatment & Massage –

90min - $185

EXPERIENCE:  A splash of Almond Sweet sparkling oil and hot compresses brings an ultra-hydrating softness to skin. After a tantalizing Mango-Ginger Sugar Scrub exfoliation, you’re painted in Menthe Vanilla Tea mud that cleans and detoxes. Promises to remove impurities, cleanse, heal skin, and dramatically decrease acne. The mud smells like mint – wonderful, fresh, invigorating mint. A satiny Ginger Sorbet body milk massage puts the finishing touch on this delectable treatment.

Bottoms Up Bliss - Total Stress Release 60min – $100

Bottoms Up Bliss -

Total Stress Release

60min – $100

EXPERIENCE: A pick-me-up treatment that brings tingles all the way down to the toes. This bottom to top treatment begins with a steaming, moist Quinsberry botanical oil compress on feet and hands. We follow this with an exfoliating scrub of raspberry extract, brown sugar, organic Square One Vodka and rice bran oil on palms, fingers, feet and toes — bringing smooth sensations to the extremities. A botanical Quinsberry light oil massage brings a finish that feels refreshing and renewed. With that complete, we’ll bring this sensational bliss to your neck and shoulders, with a Head, Neck and Shoulder massage using the Quinsberry Oil. This could be bottoms-up addictive.



90MINS - $135

EXPERIENCE:  Heat therapy using steam towel infused with red hot cinnamon oil. Next you’re exfoliated in your choice of premium aged butterscotch rum, brown sugar and rice bran oil or an indulgent chocolate mint scrub treats that brings smoothness and glistening to the skin. We finish with a relaxing massage with chocolate buttercream.

Hot Stone 90 MINS – $150

Hot Stone

90 MINS – $150

EXPERIENCE:  Let the warmth from the heated smooth flat stones deeply relax and melt away your tense tight muscles.  Heated smooth, flat stones are placed on key points on the body.  The stones are used to massage certain areas of the body.  The heat can be both deeply penetrating, relaxing and soothing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly.

Procedure: You will be drizzled with a moisturizing oil and then massage with Hot stones for a relaxing integrated heat therapy.

Marshmallow MeMosa  

Marshmallow MeMosa


Experience: Sink into bliss with notes of marshmallow enveloping you. You’ll be moisturized  in antioxidant-rich body marshmallow cream , and then deeply massaged with hot stones. A true delight!