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Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage reduces pain, improves circulation, increases immune efficiency, enhances focus and emotional balance, and improves appearance. Choose from a variety of massage services and allow the body to relax and renew itself.                                               

Spa Services

As a complement to our massage services our body scrubs, hot stones and energetic Reiki services also help you to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.                                                                                                    


Facial Services

Indulgence offers the best in health and wellness products. We use and sell natural & organic products to support our clients' ability to maintain balance in the mind, body, and spirit. Our products help customers  keep their indulgence feeling between visits. Shop now online or visit us at our Bowie, MD location.

Indulgence Massage and Bodywork

Indulgence Massage & Bodywork is a private boutique spa offering holistic wellness services.  It is the place where therapeutic care meets indulgent flair.  Experience our therapeutic massages, energetic bodywork, and body spa treatments using only natural and organic products.  We are a community resource providing information and products related to health and wellness. At Indulgence Massage and Bodywork our mission is to provide quality service with care.  Any form of physical and/or energetic touch has the capacity to effect the body, mind, and soul. Our goal is to encourage our clients to be an active member in their healthcare. We strive to relieve underlying distress, pain and to help heal and maintain balance within the body. 


Hours of Operation

Sunday: CLOSED

Monday: 11 am -8 pm

Tuesday: 10am - 4 pm

Wednesday: 11 am -8 pm

Thursday:  CLOSED

Friday: 11 am -8 pm

Saturday: 9am - 5 pm


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